IR Simulator

IR Simulator is for the current popular smart furniture environment and the development of a smart home environment and the actual situation of the integration of virtual design software. Users can use the IR Simulator for basic interior design, layout good furniture placement, then they can be placed various types of sensors (3D camera, 2D camera, microphone, etc.), and can range in accordance with the role of the sensor, to adjust the position of the sensor, to prevent the user identification occurs outside the range. Can be obtained in a variety of sensors in IR Simulator virtual data, you can use these data using NUI engine simulation.

This software feature is the user can use this software to simulate the fusion of smart home and virtual environments, and can be simulated to test the actual environment, eliminating the need to set in the actual environment to determine the complexity of multiple sensors to identify the scope of work and so on. Natural user interface can improve researchers' study efficiency.

How to Use

1. Click "Wall" button on the menu.

2. In both view, you can click the edge of the wall. When the edge that you moves is near another,

it might stick together, which means a new room to be.

3. You can use 'Shift' button to deploy the wall parallel.

4. There are many stuffs to deploy.

5. Every object can be translated and rotated with toggle bar. When you click one object, by dragging the         object, it is rotated. By dragging the object(in translate 'state'), it an be moved by yourself.

6. When it comes to IR sensors and projector you can see range of it and distance between sensors and opposite     walls.

7. You can control Each IR sensor's FOV(Field of View) and resolution.

8. There are several more UI button enabled. Deployed human can reach his/her arms.